Updating BrewPi

The script will stop the BrewPi script when it executes. To run the update script, use the following command:

sudo /home/brewpi/doUpdate.sh

The script will actually download the update script currently on the GitHub abd re-execute that in order to take advantage of any updates to the script itself.

If merging the updates fails, the script will ask you to stash your local changes. This commits your changes to the git stash and bring your repository back to its original state. You can get your changes back with ‘git stash pop’, but be warned that your changes could be incompatible with the latest updates.

Scripts After Update

After updating, the updater calls several other scripts from the Scripts area. These are:

Script Function
Checks for updates to the following:
  • apt packages
  • pip packages
Removes the following if they are installed:
  • PHP5 files
  • nginx files
  • *.pyc files
  • Empty directories
doDaemon.sh Install and/or update the daemon unit files which run BrewPi and optionally the WiFi Checker
Sets permissions on the following:
  • Script directories
  • Web directories
  • Bluetooth stack

Updating Multi-Chamber

You will need to run the doUpdate.sh script from each chamber’s instance in order to upgrade all of them.